Just released October 6, 2017

Why happiness? Inside happiness, there is no capacity for anger, hatred, violence, or war. There is no potential for depression, anxiety, or suicide. By cultivating happiness, we create a world where all people and communities thrive.

This little book explores happiness, through words and images, to help you find real happiness that aligns with your life. Its goal is to support you in cultivating resilient happiness immune to the challenges of life. At the end of the book, you will find resources to support you in creating a life where happiness is not just a set of actions but a mindset and a way of being.

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finding peace in adversity

Just Released November 3

Are you worn down by the endless stream of bad news? Does life seem a bit more hopeless than it did years ago? Tragedy reminds us of how fragile life can be. It’s normal to be angry, confused, and afraid. Even if we experience trauma second-hand, we can feel grief and loss.

And, yet, we must go on. We must be strong for those we love and for our communities. Those who are on the wrong side of tragedy need us. This little helps you find peace and hope in today’s challenging times. At the end of the book, you will find resources to support you in staying calm and finding happiness in the worst of times.

For a free daily happiness message, text “happiness” to 33222.

For more free tools and resources, check us out on Facebook at The Happiness Society (@ResilientHappiness).

Leading Through Adversity

Coming Soon!

Leading through adversity can take a tremendous toll on leaders and managers. You must remain above the chaos in order to help your people cope with the unexpected. You must create environments that create outcomes in the face of challenges, barriers, and breakdowns.

Without leadership, no progress can be made. This short eBook is de-signed to support leaders and managers create workplaces where people can thrive and the bottom line is met, regardless of the circum-stances. At the end of the book, you will find resources to support you in achieving the impossible and finding success in the worst of times.

Leading Through Adversity

Coming in 2018!

Kindness is both an action and a state of being. It is a virtue recognized by all of the world’s religions. Neuroscience is now showing the health benefits of kindness. If you liked Happiness, you will love Kindness!

This little book explores kindness, through words and images, to help you act with kindness towards the people in your life, and to learn to understand those who are not kind. At the end of the book, you will find resources to support you in creating a life where kindness is becomes a way of life.


All of the photographs in Gretchen's books are her own, taken over years as a travel photographer. Gretchen will launch her fine art and travel photography website, Mindset Journeys, in January 2018.

Meanwhile, you can contact Images@MindsetJourneys.com to purchase her photographs. They are available matted or framed/matted in standard sizes 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14. Larger prints, special mountings, and commissioned works are available on an individual basis.


About the Author

Gretchen is an author, speaker, coach and happiness expert. She is committed to creating a future where all people and communities thrive. Her work on happiness blends three decades of work as an anthropologist, coach, experiential educator, and comedienne. She spent April 2017 in Bhutan studying happiness in the country that launched the global happiness movement.

Gretchen speaks on these topics and many more. To learn more, visit www.GretchenMartens.com.


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